Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Hermitage, PA

Any self-propelled vehicle that includes a self-contained toilet, a water system, an electrical system separate from the drive engine, and a liquid propane gas supply is a motor home. Many different trailer types fit the policy description for Travel Trailer but they all need pulled by a motor vehicle to travel.  Forty foot long trailers that include all the amenities of a motor home but come with a hitch and two-level fifth wheel trailers are protected under a Travel Trailer policy.

Since motor homes are self-propelled their coverage resembles auto coverage.  The insurance policy provides General Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, Uninsured and Underinsured motorist coverage, Comprehensive and Collision coverage, First Party Medical Benefits, Towing and Roadside assistance.  A bonus feature  is the Diminishing Deductible.  Every consecutive year that the policy holder remains covered without a loss the deductible is reduced by 25 percent.  The first year’s deductible is $500; no accidents – the next year’s deductible is $375.

Discounts are also offered to individuals age 55 and older who have completed their state approved Safe Driving Course within 3 years times and are driving the Motor Home.  This discount is 5 percent as is the Multi-Policy Discount.  A 10 percent discount is available for motor homes with anti-theft devices.  And, a range of discounts may be given for having Passive Restraints; amounts dependent on types of restrains – seat belts, airbags and/or automatic devices.

Travel Trailer policies include Vacation Liability, an extra nice feature of your Foremost policy.  It covers claims for injury or damage that result from an accident at the site where the motor home or travel trailed is parked and being used for recreational purposes.  Of course your policy covers Personal Property, Towing and Roadside Assistance, Emergency Expense Coverage (temporary housing), Scheduled Medical Benefits and Trip Collision Coverage.  If you prefer to keep your Travel Trailer parked for use as a residence, Foremost offers coverages similar to a homeowner policy.  Speak with an agent for further information.


Value is accessed by the insurer through the Recreational Vehicle Appraisal Guide or Kelley Blue Book RV Guide.

Diminishing deductible each consecutive year 25 percent

$500 Fire Department Service

Price breaks for multi-year policies (7 year maximum)

The Tent Camper Program offers owners of campers with a value of at least $3501 up to $12,000 – a 3 year prepaid policy of a flat $300 and the mailing of a renewal notice just once every three years.

Interested in recreational vehicle insurance? Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help you find the insurance plan that’s perfect for you.