Homeowner Insurance in Hermitage, PA

Your home is probably the biggest financial investment you will make. Before you find yourself in an emergency it is important to sit down and find a way to get everything covered that is valuable to you. Whether you rent or own a home, condo, townhouse, apartment, mobile home or manufactured home it is imperative to sit down and go through coverage options so you don’t have a catastrophe at a time of loss.

Sit down today with an agent from The Martonik Insurance Agency to review your current coverage for the peace of mind knowing you are covered properly. If any changes need to made to your coverage your agent will help fit you into a policy that is right for your needs. Homeowners insurance includes extra coverages such as 125% replacement cost—this helps to fight against rising inflation costs when replacing a destroyed home and also helps with any surprises that might pop up in the construction process; $30,000 identity fraud protection—this is additional coverage against theft of information and charges or deductions from your bank accounts, and 10% increased Building Ordinance coverage—important for repairing a home to cover the cost of necessary building permits and inspections from the city and other changes required for Code compliance.

In addition to the included ‘extra’ coverages listed above, our policies provide Separate Structures, Personnel Property, Loss of Use and General Liability cover at levels that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Interested in a homeowner insurance policy? Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help you find the insurance plan that’s perfect for you.