Collectible Automobile Insurance in Hermitage, PA

Coverage is available for antiques, modifieds, muscle cars, customs, exotics, kit cars and more! J.C. Taylor is a general managing agency involved with the antique auto business since the 1950s. J.C. Taylor is nationally known for supporting the hobby through its quality service, specialty product and involvement with local and national clubs. Program Overview:  Collectible Autos aren’t for everyday driving – they’re for the hobbyist.  A Collectible Auto is used mainly for exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest.  Here are some examples:

  • Antiques
  • Replicars
  • Muscle cars
  • Classics
  • Customs
  • Woodies
  • Exotics
  • Hot rods
  • Kit cars
  • Foreign and American sports cars

Owners of these vehicles put time, effort and usually a lot of money into their cars. It’s not just a standard vehicle and that’s why specialty insurance is so important. The Collectible Auto product is categorized into two programs: the Antique and Classic program and the Modified program. Although both types of vehicles are considered collectibles, they are very different by definition. Antique and Classic cars are considered collectibles because of their age and preservation. Modified cars are considered collectibles because of the modifications that were made to the car, altering it from its original condition.

What is an antique and classic auto?

An antique auto is a vehicle that is 25 years and older. A classic car is considered a vehicle 19 to 24 years old. Both the antique and classic vehicles must be in the original (or original restored) condition. An antique Model T or a classic Mustang convertible might come to mind when you think of cars that fit into this program, but the Antique and Classic Auto Program doesn’t only include the obvious. This program is also great for light trucks, motorcycles, farm tractors, military vehicles, foreign and American sport cars, muscle cars, convertibles, station wagons, woodies, Corvettes and other unique original autos.

What is a modified auto?

A modified automobile is simply a vehicle modified from its original condition. Whether it’s chopped, channeled, lowered, chromed, Frenched or flamed or it’s powered by a flathead, hemi, mouse motor, side oiler, Caddy or an Olds rocket, the Modified Auto Program is the perfect fit.

Street Rod – A vehicle manufactured prior to 1949 whose body, chassis, engine suspension or interior has been modified.

Customized/Modified – A vehicle manufactured after 1948, which is at least 20 years old and has been altered from its original condition.

Replicar – A commercially assembled reproduction of any motor vehicle at least 25 years old.

Kit Car – A representation motor vehicle at least 25 years old consisting of separately manufactured components that are assembled by the purchaser.

Exotic Vehicle – A motor vehicle that is considered to be increasing in value rather than depreciating because of its specific make, model year of manufacture and exceptional physical condition.

Policy Features and Benefits

Owners of collectible automobiles put time, effort and usually a lot of money into their cars. It’s not just a standard vehicle and that’s why specialty insurance is so important.

Agreed Value:  Collectible autos have a stable market value and usually appreciate over time.  To protect the value of the car, Martonik Insurance Agency and the customer will come up with an “agreed value” to represent the vehicle’s current market value. In the event of a total loss, the insured will receive the full agreed amount less any applicable deductible. The agreed value should be changed on the policy if the market value of the car changes during the policy period. That way the policy is always up to date and the customer knows exactly how much they will receive if a claim should occur.

Low Premiums:  A collectible vehicle insured under a specialty policy rather than a standard auto policy will save customers hundreds of dollars and hassles. You pay less and reap the rewards of a program designed with the true enthusiast in mind. The Collectible Auto Program has more features specifically for collectible car owners.

Multi-Vehicle Discount:  Receive a discount when they want to insure more than one collectible car. Expert Claims Service:  The claims staff has the expertise and experience needed to settle claims quickly and fairly.  And they strive for excellence in customer satisfaction with collectible auto experts who understand what makes their vehicles so special.

Repair Shop of Choice:  Because collectible auto owners put a lot of time into their cars, they (the collector) will choose where they would prefer to take their car for repairs or parts.  Most hobbyists have a preferred repair shop that they trust or they will make the repairs themselves.  Claims adjusters are also available to help locate parts and find experienced restorers and repair shops.

No Attendance Clause:  When the owner wants to walk around at car shows and enjoy the other displays, their attendance at the insured vehicle is not required in the case of a loss to the vehicle. Full Glass Coverage:  When an optional deductible is selected, damage to safety glass (windows, windshields) is covered with no deductible.

Spare Parts Coverage:  $750 coverage for spare parts for the collectible auto is included automatically with Agreed Value coverage for the vehicle.

Interested in a collectible auto insurance policy? Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help you find the insurance plan that’s perfect for you.