Auto Insurance in Hermitage, PA

In Pennsylvania proof of auto insurance is required to obtain vehicle registration which is required to drive the vehicle. You will not be issued a plate and stickers without auto insurance.

State minimum coverage is $15,000 per incident / $30,000 per term of the policy on the other driver. The first number that appears on your policy covers everyone you can see outside your front door.

The second number is for UM (Uninsured Motorist) and UIM (Under Insured Motorist) coverage on you and everyone inside your household. UM coverage is the amount that you can use from your own insurance policy if an uninsured person causes damage to you, your family and/or your vehicle. The UIM is the amount you can use if the person causes damage and they do not have enough coverage to pay for all the damage they caused.

If damages exceed coverage a lawsuit may be filed by the victim for costs and the court may seize assets and garnish wages. However if a driver is “UM” or “UIM,” it appears unlikely that their assets would cover the damages. Carrying enough insurance on yourself is just as important and having enough on the other drivers.

Stacking = means the amount of “UM” or “UIM coverage on one vehicle may be added to the amount of coverage on the second vehicle and third and fourth if all the vehicle are on a single policy.

Ways to save on Auto Insurance:

Raise your deductible. Your deductible tells the insurance company the amount of damage you are willing to cover with your own funds. If you carry a $500 deductible – the insurance company basis cost on you filing claims for any / every damage incident that cost more than $500. The insurance is priced on that basis; any and all damage over $500 may become a claim. You pay more for the lower deductible whether you use it or not.

Don’t permit your insurance to lapse no matter what the reason. Off on disability for 2 months – call your agent and put your vehicle on storage if you cannot drive. Lapses in insurance coverage mean a larger risk to insurance companies therefore increasing the premiums you are paying.

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